How it works

How it works

Updated January 2022

Motor Events Racing gives you and your mates the ability to compete in social, no pressure motor racing at an affordable level.
To keep the events true to budget / cheap racing there are few rules to follow to be able to participate in these racing series.

Car Value

Motor Events Racing series is open to all vehicles under $ 5000 of value.
This is determined is by the lowest published price displayed on Redbook’s “private price guide”.

How to find out if your vehicle complies with this rule:

       ⦁ Go to www.redbook.com.au
       ⦁ Select the car you want to research
       ⦁ Review the Private price guide looking for the minimum value.
       ⦁ This is your vehicle value for Motor Events
       ⦁ Scroll further down the page until you see “full specifications”
       ⦁ Expand the engine data and review the power data.
       ⦁ This is your vehicle KW for racing brackets
       ⦁ Described in detail further along within this document

Video instructions: Motor Events – Vehicle Value Guide

The Round Down Rule / Popular Car Tax 

So, you found your perfect race car but it just misses out on the $5K price limit. What do you do!?
If it’s closer to $5k than $6K ($5499 or less) you can use the round down rule with approval from the Motor Events Racing Team.

What if your race car complied with the price guidelines and now the Redbook value has skyrocketed!?
Never fear we understand this happens, just because every inner-city hairdresser is now buying one, doesn’t mean you have to stop racing your pride and joy with us.

In either case, contact us with details of your car for approval.

Vehicles without approval that exceed the pricing rules, will be allocated to the outlaw racing bracket

Car Modifications / Improvement

All Motor event teams are awarded 5 modification points.
Teams are free to modify their vehicle using these points.

If 5 modification points are exceeded, the vehicle will be allocated to the outlaw bracket.
Any vehicle exceeding the points system excessively will not be able to participate in Motor Events racing series.

The below table outlines acceptable modifications. Select an “area”, followed by the corresponding “mod detail” best suited to the modification you are making. Please note selecting the higher point options also allows you to also include modifications included in the lesser value options.

For example: Installing adjustable coil overs costs you 2 points – but you are also allowed to install sway bars and strut braces at no additional cost to your mod points.


Engine conversions

Engine conversions are allowed.
Please note, if you have done an engine swap on your vehicle to KW power of the replacement engine must be used during registration.

For teams trying to sneak in a “competitive edge” and “misinterpret” the rules

Just because it doesn’t say that you can’t do it – doesn’t mean that you can!

Let’s all play fair and we look forward to seeing you at scrutineering.

Motor Events Racing Brackets

At each event vehicles are separated into four brackets.
Brackets are dictated by standard kilowatt power of the vehicle’s engine.

** Assigned brackets are at the absolute discretion of event organisers **
** Outlaw teams must attend in the spirt of the event and must have prior approval to participate,
Don’t bother bringing a V8 supercar and expect to get on the grid! *

Brackets Factory Power (kW)
ME-3 89 & under
ME-2 90 - 139
ME-1 140 - 199
ME-0 200 kW+ or not playing by the rules!


Factory Power (kW)


89 & under






200 kW+ or not playing by the rules!

Car and Driver Themes

We love themes and cars with character, after all our events are about having light hearted fun.
Each event we will be looking out for the judge’s choice of the best themed car and team.

So, if you’re up for it, theme up!

You may want to do a parody of your favourite supercar team or theme up as a potato on wheels, let your imagination run wild.

If you’re not into dress ups, no problems the choice is yours.

Driver Penalties

All Motor Event racing events are governed by the gentlemen’s driving code of conduct.
Breaking any of the below will result in a penalty being applied:

• Strictly no contact
• No corner diving or dangerous passing
• No wheels off the track
• No inappropriate loss of control or sideways traction
• Keep it cool rule – If you are getting too serious and it’s a safety concern

If you are called in for a penalty you are required to choose your fate, the team challenge, the sin bin or a bribe!

Team Challenge

If you chose this option the reward for your indiscretion will be a penalty that will challenge your mind and physical ability.
Team members or the individual will have to complete a set challenge before they are allowed back on the track.

Challenges will escalate in difficulty the more penalties you obtain.


Just like a naughty child, you can choose to have time out where you can sit in your car and think about what you have done wrong. Depending on the seriousness of your offence will depend on the time.
There will be no consistency in penalty times and will be solely at the discretion of official dishing out the punishment.


To avoid penalties for minor offences you, can bribe your way out of a punishment and get back out on the track.
Bribes are a donation to Rare Cancers Australia, that occurs through Motor Events Racing Website.
Tax receipts will be made available for all donations.

Self-imposed penalties for minor offences will be downgraded to a pit drive through.

Safety requirements and associated costs

All safety items are excluded from modification point system and base vehicle cost.
This includes Roll cage, Racing harness, Fire compression etc.
For full detail on safety requirement please review the safety rules and regulations documents.

Brakes, tyres and suspension upgrades are all classified as a performance modification.

Motor Events Trophies and Prizes

Motor Events Racing trophies are awarded within each bracket.

A range of other categories will be awarded for each event.
Ad-hoc Trophies may also be presented.
These Trophies may change from event to event.
They may be incorporated with a particular event challenge.

Judge’s decision is final. If you feel the need to contest the judge’s decision…… don’t.
This is entry level racing, aimed at having fun with mates. Don’t ruin it for everyone 

Fundraising and charity

We are proud to be aligned with Rare Cancers Australia as our charity partner

All teams are encouraged to fundraise with donations to be made through the Motor Events Racing donations page on our website. A leader board will be active for teams and their supporters to make donations.

For more information please see the donations link on the Motor Events Racing webpage.

All donations are fully tax-deductible with donations receiving tax receipts directly from Rare Cancers Australia.

By making donations on Motorevents.com.au you agree for Motor Events Racing to share your details with Rare Cancers Australia for the purpose of providing a tax receipt. 

For any more information or clarity on the rules please contact us on: